The short answer is: NO. But what I can do is give you some guidelines to how you could improve your mix in order to make it suitable for mastering.

Say you submitted a mix where 2 guitars compete in certain frequencies. I'd tell you to seperate them by boosting guitar 1 in fx 1.5 Khz and cut the other at the same frequency a few dBs. The same goes with guitar 2 now at 2 Khz. Now I've gained more control as they are not competing anymore, thus giving me the chance to work on each in their own frequency domain.


24 bit audio files is by far a much better resolution to work with as it has a 256 times better resolution than 16 bit and thus more headroom for signal processing. A 44.1 Khz samplerate is actually OK if the music is recorded with a good AD converter with quality anti-aliasing filters (Prism, Lynx, TC Electronic, Apogee among others), otherwise 88.2 Khz is better as anti-aliasing filters are more relaxed.


Using gives you the ability to upload a maximum of 5 GB file sizes. More than enough for album length music. My suggestion would be to upload all your audio files (preferable 24 bit WAVE/AIFF/SD2) seperately and email me all their corresponding links in one email (I'll provide you with an email address after your initial contact). If you don't have a fast internet connection you can use WinZIP or OSX Finder and compress all your audio files into one ZIP file and then upload via



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